Thursday, September 23, 2010

Time to make something

So step one while I wait for all the tools to come in from the USA is making some solid work tables. I went over to the local hardware stores for a few things that could be found cheaper there than at the Costa Rican “Home Depot” equivalent which is called EPA (no affiliation to the “Environmental Protection Agency” I assure you) and that’s where I got the lumber for the tables. It took me forever to decide on the dimensions of these bad boys but if anybody is interested I settled on 8ft X 2ft X 3ft. There is a slight over hang (about an inch) on the front of the tables and off the ends so that bench pins and clamps can be secured to the edges when and if need be. Along with building the tables I am also working on getting the propane and oxygen tanks I will need to well you know make fire… very important. And on to the pictures (I feel like it makes the flow work better, and I like pictures).

Cut, cut, cut... 

Many cuts later.

And even more cuts later. Here are all the bars required for the frames and legs (the plywood tops and plywood for shelves are off to the right against a wall, sorry no pictures of those).  
Some of the wood had a bit of fungus growing on it so I decided to treat it with a wood fungicide before staining and assembling the pieces. Here I am treating the affected wood.  
So I got a bit ahead of myself (as will happen) and I started assembling the tables and totally blanked on the pictures but here is one down and one on the way (along with an adopted furry friend I am sure Samson will be making future appearances from time to time). I have better pictures of this stage but there will be plenty of table pictures ahead so on we go.  
Here is my good buddy Chiri helping me out gluing and screwing the frames into place along with the legs and everything else (thank you Chiri you helped a lot and I really appreciate it). 

Night time shot to spice things up a bit. After building the top frame we attach the legs then flip it over right side up and place the shelf frame into place then the top gets screwed on in case anybody was curious. 

The next morning everything finally came together. The only thing missing now is to seal the tables and move them inside.  

Here I am. Finally got the first table inside with Kaylee's help and I got to start putting things on it just too clear up the floor space to get the other table inside (what a mess). 

Here are the two tables finally inside piled high with all sorts of good stuff and so much more to come its ridiculous. 

Another angle this is nowhere near what it looks like today but it was a nice start so much better than the floor, although I'm still trying to figure out what to do with the table saw, chop saw and band saw they are kind of an eye sore sitting out in the living room. So the table on the right is directly opposite the wall with the door and window, the filing cabinet is directly in front of the door. I have no idea if that helps anyone but oh well I tried and hopefully it will become clearer in the future.  
Oh yeah figured I would throw this in here too. Finally got my gas tanks starting to get pretty excited (propane on the left and oxygen on the right for anyone who might not be able to tell).  

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