Wednesday, September 22, 2010

In the Beginning

So this story begins in Tempe Arizona May something 2010 (this is what I meant by catching up). After graduating and wining the Windgate Fellowship it was time to pack everything up and head back home to rainy Costa Rica.  It’s amazing how much junk a person can accumulate after only four years of college and it sure is a pain packing all of your possessions up in boxes to ship them overseas.  Finally after about two weeks or more of packing, giving stuff away, throwing things out and figuring out how to even ship the stuff, the boxes where packed loaded and on their way; it took about two and a half weeks for us to see them again but except for a few little decorations that broke and my desktop computer getting badly shook up everything made it in good shape. With all the packing done and the apartment empty (besides a few suitcases) there are only a few uncomfortable nights ahead before the plane ride home and all the work that lay ahead. I barely have any pictures of the move it was a pretty chaotic time but something is better than nothing. We where around the half way point when these pictures were taken. These are the two best pictures of the packing and what not. (By the way that's two out of the four total pictures I have of the moving process, not to many options there. Sorry people.)  

Here is a bad picture of my girlfriend Kaylee taping up the box that contains the huge forged iron hat racks I'll have to take pictures of them some time soon in their new home

and here is an even worse picture of me getting in her way

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