Thursday, June 12, 2014

Filigree Workshop / Taller de Filigrana

Hi everybody, just wanted to give every one a little warning .. I am going to do this blog post in spanish as this filigree workshop will be in Costa Rica… But if you speak English and are in the neighborhood feel free to join us. Just send me a message and I can send you a copy of the syllabus in english. (Contact Me) 

En el mes de Julio se van a llevar acabo los talleres de filigrana en la Escuela de Joyería Artística Crisol. Pueden leer todos los detalles del taller en la descirpcion que sigue.  O también pueden ver mas información en la pagina del evento en Facebook:

Taller de Filigrana por Daniel Icaza 
Esquema del Taller: 
• Una charla sobre la filigrana
• Demostración de la técnica y preparación de material
• Tiempo de trabajo en el taller


Objetivos de los Talleres:
1. Proveer a los estudiantes información general de la filigrana.
2. Mostrar a los estudiantes cómo crear la filigrana.
3. Mostrar a los estudiantes cómo soldar las estructuras de filigrana.
4. Mostrar a los estudiantes como formar la filigrana para crear volumen y dimensión.
5. Ayudar a los estudiantes en la creación de una construcción de filigrana básica/tradicional.
6. Producir una pieza terminada utilizando la técnica de filigrana para completar el taller. (Por ejemplo, anillos, colgantes, broches, pendientes, etc...) Algunos estudiantes avanzados pueden ser capaces de crear piezas múltiples.
Habilidades Necesarias:
¡Debe saber como soldar plata con antorcha!
Lista de Materiales para el Taller:
• 26ga alambre de plata mil .999 (1/2 oz)
• 20ga alambre de plata .925 (1/4 oz)
• Soldadura de plata en pasta (para ser compartido con la clase)
• Pinzas de acero de precisión diseño AA
• Herramientas de torsión de alambre
• Cepillo para la pasta de soldadura
• Algunos materiales adicionales pueden estará disponibles para su compra en el taller
(Paquete de material para la clase trae todo los materiales por $60)
Duración (horario de clases):
Taller / s
2 días, 16 horas en total
Día 1: 8 Horas
Conferencia: 1 Hora
Demostración: 2-3 horas
Tiempo de trabajo: 4-5 horas

Día 2: 8 Horas
Día de trabajo: 8 horas
¡Cupo limitado, 8 personas por grupo!
Grupo A
Día 1: Sábado 19 de Julio
Día 2: Sábado 26 de Julio

Grupo B
Día 1: Sábado 2 de Agosto
Día 2: Sábado 9 de Agosto
Costo del Taller:
• $200 taller
• $60 paquete de materiales
• $260 (USD) total

Para matricularse, por favor llamar a la Escuela de Joyería Artística Crisol (Jordi Costa):

tel: 2288-2321

cel: 8712-3165

Espero ver los todos en el taller! 
Until next time.
Peace and Love

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Mokume-Gane Workshop

During my trip to jury the 3rd Annual World Championship Belt Buckle Competition I had the opportunity to teach a mokume-gane workshop for some of the advanced metals students at Montana State University (MSU).
A few pictures from the mokume-gane workshop at MSU.
I  also had the opportunity to visit my good friend Ben Isaiah and the Colorado State University metal arts department. 

A few pictures from my time visiting the metal arts department at CSU. 

Thank you to everyone who made my trip so enjoyable. 
I am looking forward to giving a few more workshops soon, so I will be talking more about that as things develop. 
I will be back with more to share soon.
Until next time,
Peace and Love 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

3rd Annual World Championship Belt Buckle Competition

The results are in!
It was an incredible experience to co-judge this years World Championship Belt Buckle Competition 
Congratulations to this years winners! 
There were so many great submissions, be sure to visit the competition web site to see the full gallery.

Special thank you to Bryan Petersen and Stacie Smith for taking such good care of me during my time in Montana.  
To all of the wonderful buckle makers out there, thank you for all the great submissions and keep up the incredible work!
As always, I will be back with more to share soon.
Until next time.
Peace and Love 

Monday, March 17, 2014

2014 Event Update

My my, it has been a long time since I write a post... 
I apologies for the lack of new content, life has been pretty busy and I just haven't sat down to write in a long time. 

Here are some of the exciting developments so far for 2014. 

I started teaching this year! I recently finished my first work shop on acid etching and champleve enamel on the 8th of March. I really enjoyed the experience and had a great group of hard working and productive students. 

Here are a few practice/test pieces I made during the workshop. 

Some of the workshops I am planing to teach in the future include mokume-gane, cold connections, enameling, alternative casting, filigree and patination just to name a few... 

Aside from teaching I also found out that I will be the co-judge for this years World Championship Belt Buckle Competition. So for all of the fellow buckle makers out there, start making and send the pictures in to the competition. This years prize buckle and belt should be quite the treasure. This years prize buckle will be donated by last years second place winner John Winston and I will be collaborating with a hand tooled leather belt! 
For more details/information please visit the competitions web site :

If everything goes as planned I will also be teaching a mokume-gane workshop in conjunction with my participation in the competition. 

As I will be traveling around the USA to jury and teach I am also planning to visit some friends and colleagues in Colorado and San Francisco. Hopefully some interesting things develop during that time... 

A little closer to home and in time, I am also planning to participate with some colleagues here in Costa Rica in the upcoming month. I will be sure to list more details about those events as things develop.

On top of all these exciting developments and opportunities I am also working on a few new collections of work. Some new hand made rings, a few hopeful production lines and a collection of lockets and poison rings which I have been wanting to do for years! 

Here are a few pictures of some of the new rings and other projects I am working on... 

I think that should cover most of the developments so far... 
I will do my best to write a few more posts and try to keep things up to date. 
Hope you enjoyed the pictures and news. 
I will be back with more to share as soon as possible. 
Until next time. 
Peace and Love