Thursday, September 23, 2010

More new toys

Went out to buy a few more new toys a few days after the boxes showed up. Got a new shinny bright red tool chest, a dolly to strap the gas tanks down and an air compressor to power the wax injector and any future pneumatic tools. Also did a bit more unpacking and organizing but we can get into that in the pictures. 
Here they are the newest additions.

Scanning across the studio to the left you can see a few things have been moved around. 

Here you can see the wax injector and the mess that is the studio at the time. 

If I remember correctly I finally committed to bolting down some of the bigger pieces of equipment and that’s what this picture is all about. The wire rolling mill (bright blue front left) is pretty much in position if not already bolted down, and the vulcanizer (dark blue back right) is also essentially in its official resting place.  
Here are the meager beginnings of what will become my casting/ soldering/ annealing station.  
A few fun toys, regulator, scales, ingot mold, mandrels, draw plates, punches, daps, and design blocks. More still to come. 

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