Thursday, September 23, 2010

And time goes on

So time went on and we continued to organize and decorate, some friends got married and I had the honor of making their wedding rings and a bunch of unexciting errands and mundane things went on besides that.  It was either in late July or early August, either way the imported tools finally arrived in Costa Rica, made their way through customs and to my door. Talk about an early Christmas, it was an awesome time opening up all the boxes and crates and trying to guess what was inside each one. It was a real relief to have everything arrive in good shape I was a little nervous of having things transported through the Gulf Coast with the whole BP oil spill going on but I guess the boat made it through ok.  Let’s move on to the picture and less depressing topics of conversation.   

Ok so here are the boxes going across the room to the right this is looking in from the door.

The corner to the right.

And the opposite corner 

Opening up some of the boxes, here is the wire rolling mill very cool. :o)

These boxes hold the pieces that will be the jeweler’s desk.  
Here is an overall shot from the door of all the stuff stacked up on the tables and the jeweler’s desk built in the corner.  
Ok scanning across the room from right to left: investment boxes, jeweler’s desk, tool boxes, digital kiln and vacuum caster.  
Slightly more to the left we have a better angle of the same. 
Here you can see the vulcanizer, rolling mill, ultrasonic cleaner and maybe a few other goodies if you have sharp eyes there is allot of stuff I still have to sort through at this point. 
And even more things over one this side. One can never have enough tools. 

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