Friday, September 24, 2010

Setting things up

Now that all the tools (minus one rolling mill and a few other items) are in my possession it is time to organize and set everything up. I bolted down my vice, wire rolling mill, vulcanizer, wax injector and started sectioning off areas of the tables for wax work, mold making, casting and so on. There are a few special projects that I needed to start working on as well. I needed a stand for my flex shaft a fire proof table to support the kiln, and I also needed to fabricate some type of wire drawing bench. So I went out bought some supplies and busted out the arc welder. Here are some of the advancements at the time. 
 So here is the jeweler’s desk with the flex shaft stand installed, I also added a shelf against the wall behind the desk for more space and mounted a couple of magnetic and nonmagnetic racks on the side wall next to the desk. 

Here is the kiln on its brand new home made stand. 

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