Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Introduction: Hello World

Me (Daniel Icaza) 
Hello and welcome to Daniel Icaza´s blog (hey that’s me), I am a metal smith and artist and don't have too much blogging experience so here goes nothing. . . I figure it´s nice to start with a little introduction and seeing as I have a bit of catching up to do an intro might help. I am 23 years old soon to be 24, recently graduated from Arizona State Universities Herberger Institute of Design and the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Art. I am a resident of Earth and currently living in the country of my birth Costa Rica. I began painting and drawing when I was very young and have always loved playing with Lego’s, designing things and taking things apart, these loves are still close to my heart and I enjoy creating art out of many different mediums but my primary interest is metalsmithing. I began making jewelry and working with metal in 2005 after graduating from high school and soon decided (after some experimentation) that metal was the most appealing medium to me and that prompted my  attending  ASU to get a degree in art focused on metal and jewelry. 
                So why am I starting this blog? What brings me to the World Wide Web today?  During my last semester of college with my graduation date approaching I was selected to be an applicant for the Windgate Foundation fellowship; which is a grant of sorts given to ten graduating seniors who’s work relates to craft to complete a proposal presented in the application process. In my application I proposed to continue my current body of work which I have only recently decided to call “Monetary Bondage” and to purchase the equipment necessary to open up a small metals/jewelry studio of my own here in Costa Rica. With a little luck all of my efforts where well worth it as my application was selected and as part of the fellowship responsibilities I need to document my progress and new creations and that is the primary reason for this blog.  

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