Wearable Art

            Whenever I create a piece of wearable art (jewelry), I believe it is of up most importance to emphasize small imperfections that intensify the hand fabricated qualities of the piece/s. I believe this is of extreme importance because mass produced jewelry lacks many of these attributes and because of this there is a loss of the powerful connection man has with the Earth and powerful materials. By leaving traces of mans interactions with the materials such as tool marks, excess solder and other “imperfections” I believe the link between man, the materials we use and the Earth we live on is brought closer together, instead of farther apart; as mass produced items obscure the link man has to the Earth.   
I believe that by leaving hand tool marks and creating every piece entirely by hand that the artist leaves his signature throughout the piece and injects his/her intent, desires, hopes and dreams into the materials and into the piece. In this way I feel that every little imperfection a piece may have adds more character and personality to it making it come alive and undeniably unique. 

-Daniel Icaza

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Marble Ring
MEDIUM: Sterling Silver, Green Cat Eye Marble, Cubic Zirconias
DIMENSIONS: 3.5cm x 2.4cm x 1.9cm
DATE: 2003

Bionic Ring Brace
MEDIUM: Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, Cubic Zirconia
DIMENSIONS: 2.8cm x 2.4cm x 1.9cm
DATE: 2007

The Great Seal
MEDIUM: Copper, Sterling Silver, Cubic Zirconia, American Flag
DIMENSIONS: 12cm. x 12cm. x 9cm.
DATE: 2008

Slave To Vanity Line
MEDIUM: Sterling Silver
DIMENSIONS: (approx.) 1cm. x 1cm. x 20cm.
DATE: 2008

Copper Flowers
MEDIUM: copper, sterling silver
(approx.) 10cm x 5cm x 100cm
DATE: 2008

Mokume Gane Bands
MEDIUM: Fine Silver, Brass, Various Mokume Gane (copper/nickel), (copper/brass), (copper/brass/nickel), (silver/shibuichi/copper)
DIMENSIONS: 3cm x 2cm x 2cm
DATE: 2010

The Orb (Inside)
MEDIUM: Brass, Copper/Nickel Mokume Gane, Fine Silver Filigree,
Copper, Steel Gear, Cubic Zirconia, Quartz Crystal
DIMENSIONS: (approx.) 6cm x 8cm x 30cm
DATE: 2009

Mokume Gane Fibulas
MEDIUM: Copper/ Nickel Mokume Gane
DIMENSIONS: (approx.) 6cm x 2cm x .5cm

Obsidian Necklaces
MEDIUM: Fine & Sterling Silver, Obsidian Stones (Rainbow, Sheen)
DIMENSIONS: (approx.) (length end to end) 58cm, (length x width of stone) 5cm x 3.5cm
DATE: 2010

Mokume Gane Bracelet and Rings
MEDIUM: Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Copper, Brass, and Copper/Brass Mokume Gane
DIMENSIONS: (width x height) 2.7in x 1.7in.
DATE: 2010

Blue Layer Cake
MEDIUM: Sterling Silver Egyptian Spiral Chain, Blue Agate Stone
DIMENSIONS: 48cm (length of chain), 10.6cm x 4.8cm (length x width of stone)
DATE: 2010

To view the Full Portfolio of "Wearable Art", and to purchase individual pieces,
 please go to my Behance Portfolio.