Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Blank Canvas

Near the end of June the Boxes from Arizona finally cleared customs and arrived at the house, now we could begin to unpack and begin putting things in their place.  Along with all the things from Arizona I went over to my mom’s house the other day and picked up a bunch of my old tools and a few other odds and ends. It has been a lot of work but things are starting to come together pretty well although there is still a lot to be done even now there is always more that I want to do.

            Ok so before we get on to pictures, in all the commotion and excitement of unpacking we didn’t take any pictures (or at least I can’t seem to find any) totally failed on this point. I do have a few more bad pictures of the room that will become the studio. It’s pretty cool to look at the way this room gets filled up. Sorry again for all the terrible pictures I promise I will get better pictures up eventually I still got to go back to my mom’s house and find a tripod and a few other misplaced items.      

Entering the studio from the front door (the only door really)

Different angle again looking in through the door (notice all the random tools and stuff scattered across the floor... Highly organized right?). 

Revers shot looking back out the door, nice big window for some fresh air and a little plant life. 

This is the back wall directly to the right after entering through the door.

This is the wall that you face when you enter the studio.

This would be the wall to the left of the door after entering (those loose electric wires are particularly aesthetically pleasing looking at it now I still have to do something about that).  

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