Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Getting Started

Now in Costa Rica Kaylee and I moved into our new space and I began a bunch of paper work to request the catalogs and price lists and writing the orders up for all the tools the studio will need for me to get working. Finally got all the orders written up and sent in, then there was the waiting to hear back from the supplier and find out what is on back order or out of stock or what equivalent items are available and so on… what a head ache. So I receive the conformation letters from the suppliers and one of the rolling mills has to be special ordered from France and will take about two months to get to the states (not to mention Costa Rica), there are a few other setbacks as well but by far this is the biggest. So I go ahead and pay for the first shipment and wait for the rolling mill and other back ordered items to become available. It takes about a week for the freight truck to arrive in Florida where the cargo is loaded onto a boat and shipped to Costa Rica. The boat takes about a week to get in and once in Costa Rica the equipment needs to be un-loaded from the boat and loaded onto a truck to be taken from the docks to the city customs warehouse. Now the imported goods need to be searched so that the contents can be verified and the correct taxes can be paid on the goods. Now it can be loaded onto one last truck and dropped off at my house all in all I think my tools particularly the rolling mill from France have traveled more than I have. This whole process from the factory to my door step took about a month, mean while all the stuff we shipped from Arizona is still on its way and going through all of the same steps I already described. Such a burocratice process. . .  

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