Saturday, April 30, 2011

Circles and Spirals

I just finished making a small series of filigree earrings and thought I would share some of the great pictures with you, along with a bit of the process and some other cool things as well. As you may or may not know all of my projects start as casting grain which I then process into the various elements I will need to fabricate the piece/s. For more information on my work methods please visit the Work Processes/ How Metal Works page on this blog.

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So these spiral stud earrings came about from the series of brooches I made a while back, I also have a necklace made so just a few more pieces and it will be a full set!

To read more about these brooches CLICK HERE.
I really like using my filigree in very tight coils as I feel it creates a dizzying movement which mesmerises me.

Wax on wax off... Rinse and repeat... 
Although it is a very tedious process to fabricate and use filigree, the most tedious part of this process for me is creating the earring backs. Just having to fabricate earring backs makes me not wan't to make post style earrings. 

I thought this was a cool glimpse into the final steps of creating an earring back. 
But if it isn't earring backs its something else and in the end all the hard work is always worth it; and I always enjoy being able to say that I made every little bit of those earrings. . . Such is life. 

Although these are the first earrings I make in this way I have used filigree in another piece of ear adornment. I made a pair of filigree plugs last Christmas for Kaylee but forgot to photograph them until just now. Even after seeing daily wear and tear for almost 5 months now, the are holding up just fine.

"Kaylee's Plugs"(front), Daniel Icaza, 2010, Reversible Fine Silver, Filigree, Copper/Brass/Nickel Mokume-Gane 
I had always wanted to make a pair of filigree plugs ever since I saw some that my good friend Ben Isaiah made. For more info on Ben, his work and the plugs that inspired me please follow this link CLICK HERE.

"Kaylee's Plugs" (back), Daniel Icaza, 2010, Reversible Fine Silver, Filigree, Copper/Brass/Nickel Mokume-Gane 
As much as I do LOVE filigree I also LOVE mokume-gane, so I really LOVE finding ways to integrate both techniques whenever I have an opportunity. In the Case of Kaylee's plugs I decieded to make them reversible with filigree on one side and mokume on the other. 

"Kaylee's Plugs" (front/back), Daniel Icaza, 2010, Reversible Fine Silver, Filigree, Copper/Brass/Nickel Mokume-Gane 
Although I really love these pieces and enjoyed making them, I must say that the process of creating plugs of a specific size is quit challenging. Particularly when you can't ask for the size or measurements  because you want it to be a surprise...  

Kaylee's ear totally decked out in filigree. . .  For more info on Kaylee and her art CLICK HERE.
Fortunately everything fit great and looks awesome as well. I guess that is all I have to say for now. As usual I am sure I will be back soon. Until next time.
Peace and Love. 

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