Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Walks Down Beaches

Feeding my match-book addiction has been very fulfilling and here is the newest match-book creation. 

"Tide Pool" (front) Daniel Icaza, 2011, Mixed Media, Red Coral, Fresh Water Pearls, Crystals, Acrylic Paint, Sea Shells, Sand, Match-Book 
 Still stuck under water for now but I still haven't gotten bored with the theme so on it will go...

"Tide Pool" 
 I'm not sure why I love this concept so much, but I have always enjoyed taking mundane objects and transforming them into little treasures. I am having flash backs of sophomore year at ASU and a project I did where, I transformed normal chicken eggs into mock Faberge Eggs; not to mention "Monetary Bondage" and the transformations present there.

"Tide Pool"
 I have a few more boxes already started and with a little luck they should be done in a few days and I'll have a few more tiny vacations in boxes to share with you.

"Tide Pool" 
I guess that does it for now. Its back to the studio for more creating, until next time,
Peace and Love.

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