Sunday, May 1, 2011

Feeding My Addiction

I have been trying to feed my match book addiction to the best of my abilities. Here is the newest addition to the family.

"Venus" (front), Daniel Icaza, 2011, Mivxed Media, Red Coral, Fresh Water Pearls, Crystals, Acrylic Paint, Sea Shells, Sand, Hemp String, Match-Book 
I have unfortunately run into a  bit of a road block in my creative flow. I have run out of beach sand and need to get more in order to keep making more of my little "vacations in boxes". I guess an actual trip to the beach may be necessary... Oh well, maybe I'll find some other cool things as well.

"Venus" (back)
I already have three other "sea-escapes" in the works but, I can't finish them without some sand; unless I find another cool way of making the outer case "beachy" and "cool".

"Venus" (open)
Meanwhile if I don't find the time to hit the beach or get a friend to bring some sand back for me, I guess I will try and make some different match-books using some other ideas that I had.

"Venus" (inside) 
Well hopefully I will get my hands on some sand soon, or at least make something totally new and different. Either way I'm sure I will be back soon and hopefully I will be able to keep bringing you these little "Vacations in a Box". Until next time,
Peace and Love. 

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