Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Little Slice of Imaginary Heaven

I recently decided to try my hand at an idea I had never seen before until quite recently. Thanks to my girlfriend Kaylee, who is always researching and finding cool stuff on-line. She recently began to dabble in "match-book art" and after seeing hundreds of examples all over the web and her own beautiful creations, I decided I had to try and make one of my own. To view Kaylee's match-books that inspired me just click here...

"Neptune's Realm" (front), Daniel Icaza, 2011, Mixed Media, Fine Silver, Red Coral, Fresh Water Pearls, Crystals, Acrylic, Sea Shells, Hemp, Sand, Match Book
At first it was a little difficult to decide what and how to put things into a match box, it is a rather small space after all... I guess being a jeweller and having set small stones and created small mechanisms and hinges gave me a bit of an advantage in dealing with the cramped space. Once the ideas began rolling in it became hard to stop and I think I may have many more match-books ahead of me...

"Neptune's Realm" (back)
Kaylee and I really enjoy beach combing and we have a nice collection of shells and other things found by the sea shore. Sadly as much as we love going to the beach it can be rather difficult to find the time to head out to the beach so I decided to make my self a little sea-escape.

"Neptune's Realm" 
Now I have this tiny little vacation in a box and many more ideas for future match-books. I'm really falling in love with this idea and I wish I would have found out about this really interesting medium long ago, fortunately it's never to late to try something new.

"Neptune's Realm" 
And I always love experimenting with "new"/different mediums as it makes you think in new and different ways you  may have never considered in the past.

"Neptune's Realm" I really love this picture because you can see the little pearl inside the semi-closed clam shell on the left side of the box just barely peeping out...
I hope you enjoyed this little "vacation to the sea" and I hope you stop by again to see what new developments and creations pop up as time goes on.
Peace and Love

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