Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Art or Money?

That is the question. All money has to be designed or artistically created at some point, but when does art turn into money and money turn into art? After a few email conversations, I have entered into a sort of collaboration with another "Money Artist" who is asking the same questions, but going about it in a different way. The recently opened Exchanghibition Bank a money based art project (or art based money project?) by artist Dadara will be the source for my next few "money/art?" notes that I will be bonding for "Monetary Bondage".

Me opening envelope
I just received my first few notes today and can't wait to get started with designing the "frames" that will bond these gorgeous bills. I figure special "bills" deserve special treatment, so I am going to try something  new for these "money notes" and hopefully it works out the way I have it envisioned in my head.

This is some truly beautiful and inspiring "money" 
I'll be sure to document the entire transformation (bonding) process and keep you posted on how things progress. It seems the work just keeps piling up, I really gotta start cranking some stuff out, oh well, I guess I really can't complain about having to much "work" these days.
I just want to throw in a quick thank you to Dadara and the Exchangibition Bank for supporting my crazy idea.
I'll be back soon I'm sure, until then,
Peace and Love.

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