Monday, April 18, 2011

Money Talks...

It seems my whole life has and continues to revolve around "dollars" and "cents"... I really despise this fact of life, and I greatly long for an alternative. 

"Money Talks"
Unfortunately it seems the whole world is blinded by money... I guess I'll just join the masses for a few minuets and let money rule my world... It's just to bad money can't buy happiness, or the world might not be such a turbulent place.  

"Monetary Bondage"
What does money do for you? and what do you do with your money? I like to highlight the uselessness of my money; after all what does money really do besides stand in and represent something of "true value". Once "money" is transformed into something people cannot easily place a value on the entire concept is challenged. Many times people ask me if I am ever hesitant to "sacrifice" my money for art and I never think twice. I don't like money, I would even go as far as to say I hate the blasted stuff.
I enjoy love, life, the air and the earth... After all what else are we given?  
Until next time...
Peace and Love.

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