Thursday, May 5, 2011

Status Update

Well I officially have too many things to do but here are some exciting new happenings and some things to look forward too. I received my new mouse pad today from my "Zazzle shop" and I am very happy to have it as I haven't had a mouse pad in years.

Original on left, mouse pad on right. "Psylocibin Sunset", Daniel Icaza, 2011, Mixed  Media
To get your own mouse pad and see all the other products and designs available on my Zazzle Shop CLICK HERE
Besides a few unavoidable color differences in-between the  paint and the print, all the details are perfect and the print has a beautiful quality all its own. I can barely tell which is the original and which is the mouse pad!

"Satellite Rings" By Daniel Icaza, Fine Silver, Copper/Nickel Mokume-Gane 
 In other news I recently finished producing these five fine silver and copper/nickel mokume-gane rings which will soon be posted up for sale on my Etsy shop. (Click HERE to see what is currently for sale) I like to call these "Satellite Rings" just because they remind me of satellite dishes, not the most original thought ever but oh well, I think they look pretty sweet.

"Satellite Rings"
I really enjoy making these rings and I really like the way they look stacked together in groups. Hopefully I will be able to make more of these in different sizes and metal combinations soon. Perhaps I will even get a chance to make some fancier stacked rings with groupings of "satellites" (more things to do...).
Something else I am pretty excited about, is a joint venture Kaylee and I recently launched. We have been trying to put together an "Indie-GOGO" campaign to raise funds to expand our creative capabilities, so I will be sharing more info on that soon. Lastly, I have decided that this months entry in my "Works/Processes/ How Metal Works" section is going to be on soldering, so if you're interested in soldering come back soon to learn all about it.
Like I said I have to many things to do so that's all for now folks.
I'll be back soon, until next time.
Peace and Love

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