Sunday, May 22, 2011

And the Beat Goes On...

It seems like it has been far to long since my last post (sorry) but I have been busy and have had far too much on my mind lately. On the bright side progress is evident all around me, even inspite of certain negative happenings. Primarily a sick gold fish Kaylee and I have had since we inherited a pair from my mother when we arrived in Costa Rica.

Our first dog Samson (right) and the new addition to the family Bear (left)
 But dispite a sickly fish and a very hyper/ rambunctios new doggy everything else is going great. I just finished writting another guest post on the ART AS MONEY blog, but I dont think the new post has been published yet... So I will be making another post on this blog very soon with a link and some extra info.
I also recently added some new "Satellite Rings" to my Etsy shop in new sizes and in new patterns as well. CLICK HERE to visit the full shop.     

NEW "Satellite Rings" now avalible CLICK HERE to buy one now!

I guess that is all the news I have to share for now but I am sure Ill be back soon. Until next time,
Peace and Love

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