Sunday, May 15, 2011

Never a Dull Moment

Well I have lots of new things to share, so I am just going to start rambling. First off the Indie Go-Go campaign is up and running and I am happy to say that we have received our first contribution. Special thank you to Linda Zerby for being the first contributor. To learn more about the campaign and make a contribution visit this link CLICK HERE.

In the blogging world, I was recently invited to be a guest writer on the "ART AS MONEY" blog to document the bonding process of an "Exchanghibition Bank Note". I am very honored to have this privilege and I am very happy to say that my first post has just been published. If you have already been following the posts about the Exchanghibition/ Monetary Bondage projects  you can CLICK HERE to read my first guest post and keep track of the collaboration.

"Satellite Rings", Daniel Icaza, 2011, Fine Silver, Copper/Nickel Mokume-Gane

I always like to have at least one picture in my posts (hopefully), so I figure I will show you the latest "Satellite Rings" I have finished producing. These will soon be up for sale on my Etsy shop. (CLICK HERE to see what is currently available)

At home we recently had an earthquake (here in Costa Rica), thankfully nothing terrible happened and besides being shaken around for a minute or so everybody seems to be fine (I don't think we even had a single reported death in the whole country! Very lucky...).

Lastly I am super excited to say that I have been chosen to participate in the 2011 Biennale of Chianciano. This is a really great honor and privilege and I am sure I will have more information to share with everyone about this prestigious event as things progress.

Well those are all the recent events wrapped up in a neat little package. I am sure I will have more information to share about these topics and many more in the very near future, so I hope you come back to see where things go from here.
Until next time,
Peace and Love

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