Friday, May 6, 2011

Help Artists Make Art!

"Creative Contribution Expansion Fund" help artists create more art by contributing to our brand new Indie-gogo campaign (CLICK HERE).

Kaylee and I have been working tirelessly to create, display and sell our original art works. Having more ideas than we can handle, we need your help! Not only to continue making our current bodies of work but to be able to expand our creative capabilities.

HELP ARTISTS MAKE ART visit our brand new Indie-gogo campaign (CLICK HERE)

For a while now I have had to use various improvised techniques and tools to create pieces I don't have the proper tools to make. For example, in many of the new pieces I have made for "Monetary Bondage", I have not had a large enough mandrel to create the large bezels I need to work with many coins. By contributing to our campaign you will enable me to buy the mandrel I need to make larger bezels and other large circular objects. The other tool I am hoping to acquire through this campaign is a large dapping set which will allow me to fabricate large domes/spheres and cylinders which I cannot currently make. In addition to helping expand my studios tool set, Kaylee wants to begin producing a completely new body of work which requiers a plethora of new equipment, tools and materials. For a full description of Kaylee's goals for this campaign please "CLICK HERE".      

Original Mixed Media Art Works by Kaylee Hinrichs 
Here are a few examples of the cool works of art you can acquire by contributing to our campaign.

Original Mixed Media Art Works by Daniel Icaza 
We know times are tough and if you can't help out by making a contribution to the campaign you can always help by telling others about this campaign and getting the word out.
Thank you for all the help and support.
I'll be back soon with more updates, news and interesting happenings.
As always,
Peace and Love.  

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