Monday, April 16, 2012


 Just decieded I would share a few pictures of some of my favorite materials.
A Few Different Types of Quarzt, (Dendritic and Rutilated)
I love working with quartz, even though it is one of the most common minerals on our planet, quartz comes in such a wide range of different colors and combinations I am always fascinated with the unique beauty of each stone.
Pure Gold, Pure Silver, 18k Yellow Gold Settings, Blue Saphires
This was a picture that was taken a while back when I was fabricating one of the commissioned rings. To read a little more and look at the final product follow this link: "Lacrimis Solis"
Pure Gold (24k), Pure Silver,
One last picture I just had to share. I am simply mezmerized by the color of pure gold and silver. It has such a deep and enchanting hue few things can compare.

I will be back with more things to share soon.
Until next time.

Peace and Love

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