Thursday, April 26, 2012

Fairy Dagger

This is the first knife I ever made in my university blacksmithing class. One of my favorite pieces, as I mentioned in the previous knife post "Dark-Twins" I really enjoyed and miss blacksmithing and I often wonder when I will have the opportunity to blacksmith again. 
Fairy Dagger, Daniel Icaza, 2010, Pattern Welded Steel (Damascus Steel), Copper/Nickle Mokume-Gane, Brass, Cocobolo, Leather, Beads
I have been thinking of a few different small steel/iron projects I could work on, but with all the other things that are going on at the moment, it's more of a fantasy than a real thought.
Maybe I will get the time at some point but for now there are other things to tend to.
Speaking of which I should get back to work.
Until next time.

Peace and Love

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