Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Flavo Ovalibus Arcus

This is one of my favorite rings from the original batch. Mostly because of the stone. It's difficult to see in the picture, but this Dendritic Quartz stone not only has a beautiful yellow hue running through it, but it also has several rainbow inclusions scattered within it.
Flavo Ovalibus Arcus, Daniel Icaza, 2012, Fine Silver, Sterling Silver, Dendritic Quartz
Sometimes the little imperfections are what truly makes some thing beautiful and unique. That is why I embrace the slight "imperfections" present within my own work. If I need or want something to be "perfect", I wouldn't waste my time trying to fabricate it by hand.
I would design it on a computer and have it printed out. . .
I don't want to go off into a big rant or some huge manifesto to justify this. It is simply my perspective. "Use the right tools, for the right jobs"... If you will. 

I hope you enjoyed my little rant, I will be back with more to share soon. 
Until next time.

Peace and Love

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