Monday, June 4, 2012

Rolling Mill Repairs

I recently received my new rollers to repair my rolling mill. If you would like to read about my broken tool please follow this link "Broken Tools = Set Backs. . .".
New rollers and other pieces of my rolling mill preparing for re-assembly
It was a long wait but the new parts finally arrived and I can now begin to put my tool back together.
 Cleaning and lubricating rolling mill parts for re-assembly
Before I can re-assemble the tool every piece needs to be cleaned and then re-lubricated. A dirty job but worth the mess.
Broken bottom roller 
Pictured above is the component of the rolling mill which broke. I have mixed emotions about having my rolling mill repaired. It is really nice to have it up and running again, but I was having a lot of fun challenging myself with a wire-based construction. I guess I can always work with wire if I want. In the end it was a great learning experience and I came away with some cool new ideas and insights. I guess it is now time to bring things back together again. 
New rollers installed on my rolling mill
Here is the rolling mill back in action and looking better than new. It certainly is a good feeling to know I can make sheet metal again if I want or need to. I did run into a scary snag however. When I was cleaning the new rollers I discovered some small imperfections that impeded the re-assembly. Fortunately with a little help from a fellow metal smith and mentor, the imperfections were rectified and the damaged part was still usable. A great relief to still be able to use the part although not an ideal situation to receive a new part and have it be slightly defective. I am still waiting to see how the tool manufacturer deals with this issue. 

For now it's time to get back to work. I still have some wire based projects to share and I am sure that sheet metal will start to make its way back into my designs soon.
I will be back with more to share soon.
Until next time.

Peace and Love 


  1. Good thing to see it in working order again!

    1. Thank you Jimena!
      It is a great relief to have it back again.