Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Hedge Hog Necklace

I had a bunch of old projects sitting out the other day while taking some pictures and I took the opportunity to photograph a few of these old projects.  Some of the pictures turned out pretty well so I decided I would share them with you briefly. 

Hedge Hog, Danie Icaza, 2006, Sterling Silver
This project was one of the first jewellery projects I ever created. The very first chain I ever made and the first sphere as well.

Hedge Hog, Danie Icaza, 2006, Sterling Silver
As it is a "first" it is a rather sentimental piece and I rarely use it for that reason.

I could go on but, I am trying to keep my posts brief as to try and write more frequently.

Until next time.

Peace and Love

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