Sunday, March 18, 2012

Exchanghibition Collaboration 2012

I recently had the opportunity to meet with Dutch artist Dadara on his resent visit to Costa Rica.
For those who may not know, I have been collaborating with Dadara overseas for some time now. So it was really nice to meet in person and talk for a bit.

For more information on the collaborative project follow this link: The Art of Turning Art Into Money and Back Into Art Again

Follow this link to learn more about: "Monetary Bondage"

Me (Daniel Icaza: left) and DADARA (right) 
The newest addition to Dadara's "Exchanghibition Bank Project" is the "2012 Money/Art Note". As I have already bonded all the previous "Money/Art Notes" it just felt right to complete the set and "bond" this note as well.

2012 (Pink Side), Daniel Icaza & DADARA, 2012
 Fine Silver, Glass, Sea Shell (Zigzag Scallop), 18ct Pink Corundum, 9ct Green Corundums, 
I always have fun bonding one of Dadara's notes as there is never a shortage of inspiration. It seems that every time I bond one of these notes, I become inspired to try a new approach to my "Money Bonding" process.

2012 (Green Side), Daniel Icaza & DADARA, 2012
 Fine Silver, Glass, Sea Shell (Zigzag Scallop), 18ct Pink Corundum, 9ct Green Corundums,  
This note was no exception. This is the first note I have ever bonded using sheets of glass instead of metal.
I also decided to wire-wrap the assembly together, instead of using rivets or bezels as I have done in the past.

I am really happy with the results and I feel that this is a great addition to the rest of the notes. If you
would like to see a little bit of the other bonded Exchanghibition Bank notes "CLICK HERE".

I am not sure if there will be any future Exchanghibition notes, but I will be sure to post information about where they may be displayed in the future; as they are currently in Dadara's possession to use in conjunction with the Exchanghibition Bank project.

I will be back again soon with more.
Until next time.
Peace and Love

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