Monday, June 6, 2011

Make Me a Ring!

I have been commissioned to make a few rings recently and thought I would share a bit of the process with you. One commission is for a "non-traditional" graduation ring. The other is for a collector who wants a special piece made to showcase an inherited stone that has much sentimental value. 
To see some of the rings that I have made please follow this link: "Rings by Daniel Icaza" and if you would like to discuss a commission with me please fell free to contact me at: 
Ring designed by: Roberto Vengoechea, Used as inspiration for a commissioned ring.  
Usually this process begins with the client bringing me some sort of picture of a piece that they like and want me to re-create (like the ring above). Now there are many aspects to this that I love and a few that I don't love so much.
"Square Ring No.1" (prototype for commissioned piece), Daniel Icaza, 2011, Fine Silver, Cubic Zirconias, Turquoise 
I love the fact that people seek for me to make something for them. But I don't want to make some thing that A) has already been made and B) is the artistic design/work of another artist. In these cases I tell the client that I can make them something similar but not the exact same piece. If the client agrees, I then begin making some designs and prototypes using the original "piece" they came to me with as inspiration.
"Square Ring No.1" (prototype for commissioned piece), Daniel Icaza, 2011, Fine Silver, Cubic Zirconias, Turquoise, (oxidized) 
This I really like! Occasionally clients come to me with very interesting pieces made by artists/designers I was not previously aware of. I enjoy taking these jobs as opportunities to broaden my knowledge and learn about these artists/designers and the techniques they use to see how I might apply it to my own work.
"Princes" (prototype for a "non-traditional" graduation ring), Daniel Icaza, 2011, Fine Silver, Copper/Brass Mokume-Gane, Opal, Cubic Zirconias  
I also really enjoy the liberty of taking a design which maybe very traditional and making my own version of it. Or taking an idea that a client came to me with and transforming it into something they had never envisioned before.  
Another lovely aspect to making the prototype/s is not only having a physical representation of what the client can expect. But also the fact that Kaylee and I usually get to keep the prototypes, so our personal collection of lovely treasures grows quite rapidly. 
Neither of these commissions have been completed yet, but I will be able to share some images of the final pieces once the designs are settled upon. In the mean time I am sure I will have a lot more news to share very soon so I hope you come back to see what happens next. 
Until next time,
Peace and Love

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