Friday, June 17, 2011

I Work Hard for the Money!?!?!? (LOL)

Just wanted to quickly share the newest addition to the "Monetary Bondage" series. Here is another quarter dollar for your contemplation.

"Gold Bars" (front), Daniel Icaza, 2011, 24K Gold, Fine Silver, Copper, USA Quarter Dollar 

Hopefully this causes you to stop and think for a minute. . . If not(?), let me get the ball rolling. . .

My most recent thoughts about money have been loaded with irony. Primarily based on the idea that no matter what your "money" looks like (or how beautiful/valuable it is) it basically just sits around and looks "pretty". One of the biggest difference in between art and money is where it sits around. Money mostly sits around in a bank and usually only moves to another bank to do more sitting around. Art (if lucky) sits in a museum and might move to another museum from time to time to do more sitting around. I find it very silly that many of the things people cherish and prize do not directly serve a necessary physical purpose or function.

Whether you have a million dollars in a bank account (which are really only numbers on a computer screen in today's world) or you own an original Picasso; chances are neither of these "treasures" really do much of anything for you on a physical/active level. Both primarily serve only to comfort you in an abstract manner which may or may not manifest into a physical action.

The money in the bank may gain interest and "work for you" by just sitting around, but really this work and value is only theoretical. The money itself is not doing work and is not actually worth much of anything without its supporting concept giving it value. In this context money has little ability to manifest physical action.

"Gold Bars" (back), Daniel Icaza, 2011, 24K Gold, Fine Silver, Copper, USA Quarter Dollar

The work of art on the other hand may be traded and valued on a scale like money. However the art may have a greater potential for manifesting physical action do to its ability to profoundly interact with a viewer and cause the viewer to take physical action.

In both cases the money and the art do not do much if any physical work, but it is the concept that they embody which causes us to produce physical action.

Ok now it's your turn, keep the ball rolling. . .

I'll be back with more things to share soon.
Until next time,
Peace and Love

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