Tuesday, March 8, 2011

New Stuff and More Things to Look For

Wow it feels like I just spent a whole life time on-line. So many neat new things to talk about. Most noticeably I suppose (thanks to a lot of help form Kaylee) is the newly added page on this blog about Wearable Art  as well as a more complete portfolio on Behance where I have select works posted and my artistic statement about the jewellery I create. 
A new development that I am very excited to learn more about and expand on is my new designer items created through Zazzle a very cool company, please feel free to poke around and I'll be sure to let you all know how things progress on that front. 
In case any one is interested in getting a first hand view of "13 Skulls" and a few other works, they will be on display at the Escuela Artistica de Joyeria Crisol for the next two weeks. Please follow this link for more info on that: Take Note
I guess that really sums it up for now any way, some new things to look forward to is yet another page I plan to add to this blog that will give some examples of my work process, as well as a tutorial/ guide/ how to/ DIY (do it your self) what ever you want to call it section on some different metal working techniques. The first one is going to be on how wire is made, so check back soon. I also may have another post to write about an interesting argument that unravelled inside my head the other day.  
I'm sure my next post will be sooner than later so I'll be back soon, until then Peace and Love. 
Just an example of some of the super cool items you can buy, customize and design on Zazzle.

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