Sunday, March 20, 2011

New Pins and Other News

Hello every one,  I would like to start this post of by mentioning I recently posted the second entry to my work processes section (just in case any one didn't notice) and if you would like to check that out here is a short cut... 

Second Entry: How to Make Wire (Manually Drawing Wire) 

And since I just finished talking a whole lot about how wire is made, I figured I would show off some of my recent wire creations.
This was the first filigree brooch created, not the most practical brooch ever made but it works well and was a very nifty experiment that got me thinking some cool ideas.  
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These pins are the 2.0 version, a little more refined of a mechanism and some different features but I think there is a pretty clear evolution. A few of these have been posted for sale on my Etsy shop (click here to see what is up for sale now). These few pieces are just the beginning as I have many more filigree ideas swimming around at the moment; as well as some up coming additions to "Monetary Bondage".


This is a limited series of eleven cast bronze pins (the silver versions can be seen HERE). The pin backs are made of bronze wire made from the same alloy used to cast the pins and was soldered with silver solder. This wire was one of the hardest wires I've ever had to make, but turned out beautifully and incredibly strong. These too may make there way onto Etsy and I will be sure to make an update if that happens. Until next time I hope to be making another post soon... but that's the news for now.
For more information about any of these pieces please feel free to leave a comment, contact me through Etsy or send me an e-mail direct at 
as always peace and love.
Daniel Icaza 

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