Sunday, January 9, 2011

A Few New things

Happy 2011 everybody out there. I hope the holidays treated you well. I don't have to much to go over at the moment but I figured I would make a little post and talk about a few of the projects that kept me busy over the holidays. I decided to play around with some silver wires and test my hand at weaving some chains. I also have a marble collection as I have always loved glass marbles; after a bit of playing around I figured I would try and put the two together and this is the outcome.   

"Cool Marble Necklace" Blue and Green Glass Marbles, Sterling Silver

"Warm Marble Necklace" Orange Glass marbles, Sterling Silver

Grouping of three Marble Necklaces
I am still working on more pieces for "Monetary Bondage" as well, here are the outcomes of my most recent etching's as I am still becoming accustomed to the tools and materials available to me in this country.

"Indian Head?" (front)  1901 Indian Head Penny Copper, Cubic Zirconia/s , Silver 

"Indian Head?" (back)  1901 Indian Head Penny, Copper, Cubic Zirconia/s , Silver 

"Dime?" (front) 1950 Dime, Copper, Cubic Zirconia/s, Silver (This is not the best picture I have to try and get a better one but if you look really closely you can see the design that has been etched into the star shaped copper frame.) 

"Dime?" (back) 1950 Dime, Copper, Cubic Zirconia/s, Silver
 Well I guess that about does it for this post. I am currently etching a few more pieces as I am becoming more comfortable with the chemicals I have at my disposal. Hopefully, I will be able to enamel on these next pieces as I become more comfortable with my materials. Best Wishes to everyone out there. Be sure to check in again and I'll let you know how things have progressed. 

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