Friday, December 13, 2013

Penannular Brooches

I got a new anvil and forge a while back... 
I really enjoyed blacksmithing during my time in the University. Needless to say I am really happy to have my own anvil and forge as it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for me. 
Here are just a few of the goodies I have been making recently.  
I really enjoy these penannular brooches. Not only are they very practical and functional objects but, decorative and full of history as well. Many people think they are very interesting objects however, do not actually understand or know what they are for or how the are used... 
My favorite (and in my opinion the easiest) way to explain the function of a penannular brooch is to think of it as an antique button. They were traditionally used to fasten pieces (or ends) of fabric together such as a "toga", cloak, etc... and were in many ways replaced by the modern button we still use today. 
  Although this is the traditional application, they can be used for countless other purposes; having long hair I often use one as a hair pin. . . 
Besides having many possible applications, these brooches are easy to use as well. First the pin is passed through fabric (or other material), the hoop is then passed over the pin, so that it goes through the opening of the ring. The ring is then turned to "lock" the pin in place. 
Here is a rather dramatic picture I took of myself modeling a penannular brooch I made in silver. 
I hope to be making more of these (and other goodies) in the future. For now I have these available in my store; please feel free to CLICK HERE to see what is in stock.
As always, I will be back with more to share as soon as possible.
Until next time.
Peace and Love 

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