Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Golden Garnet

Here are a pair of earrings I was recently commissioned to make. This is another example of the great versatility of wire. So far I have managed to find some pretty nifty solutions to needing sheet it has been quite fun and I am looking forward to future challenges.
Golden Garnet, Daniel Icaza, 2012, 18k Yellow Gold, 1ct Red Garnet/s
For now I have to go play with some more wire. I will be back again with more soon.
Until next time.

Peace and Love


  1. Did Joffry commission these for his bride-to-be, Sansa? Am I spelling these names even close to right?

  2. Hi John,
    I unfortunetly cannot tell you who this commission was for but, I can say that it was not for a wedding... I hope your doing great buddy and I should have something ready for you in the next week or two ;o)