Saturday, September 3, 2011

Bronze Casting

Last weekend I managed to play around with some bronze and my casting machine... this is what I ended up with.

Bronze Spiral Castings

Although I am more accustomed to working with a centrifuge, I currently use a vacuum caster in my studio. Since I haven't had as much practice with this type of machine, I am still working out all of the "kinks" and becoming more familiarized with the vacuum casting unit.  

I had a pretty good success rate this time around, but as the old saying goes "practice makes perfect"...  

I am not sure what will become of these spiral castings, but I am sure inspiration will strike at some point and these castings will turn into little treasure/s eventually.

The last batch of castings I made in this style turned into some pretty nifty pins, we shall simply have to wait and see what these "new spirals" turn into... 

Previous bronze castings turned into pins, CLICK HERE to read more about these pins and a few others.

Until inspiration strikes, I have a few more projects to work on and some more things to share, so I promise I will be back soon.

Until next time,
Peace and Love 

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