Friday, February 18, 2011

4 down 9 to go.

I felt it was about time I made another post so here goes. . .

As I mentioned previously I want to make 13 pieces for the "13 Skulls" series within "Monetary Bondage" I have had the first four done for a while now and posted pictures of those in another post. This is what has been happening since then. . . I have been focusing on getting the etchings done and enamelled before I begin constructing the bezels and embellishing the coins. I have been able to get all 9 remaining pieces etched and enamelled and now I can move on to the other parts. 

Besides working on the "Monetary Bondage" series I have also been drawing and accumulating a large variety of very interesting scraps and half begun projects (more like half ideas I get that don't go any where) any way I began playing around with what I had lying around and I will show you what became of that.

Here is the progress on the 13 Skulls so far, you can see the four finished pieces off to the top right corner. 
So this is my new talisman (or amulet whatever you would like to call it is fine by me, but I like talisman) 
So this doohickey thing-a-mabob is what happens when I have a bunch of half thought out ideas and old projects/scraps lying around.  
The Viking knit chain was made about a month ago (maybe more) for practice and for fun. I wasn't really sure why I was making it and once I decided to stop it was to short for a necklace and to long for a bracelet. I wanted to take advantage of the full length of the weaving but didn't know what to use it for so I put it in my desk door to use at a later date maybe to add onto or lengthen another chain?  
The mokume-gane lid/bayonet catch where remnants of a poison ring I made while at ASU and had intended on making another out of those pieces, but I'm glad I never got around to it.  
I began building these little mokume-gane and brass beads at least 2 months ago. They where based off of  another piece I created called "Orb". I wanted to create something similar but totally different so instead of one large dome/sphere object I figured I would make a bunch of smaller bead like pieces and incorporate them into a chain or weaving some how. However once I had all the beads made I couldn't bring my self to pierce, cut or trap/mount them in any way so I was stuck with a small pile of beads until inspiration struck.
Scraps are the best. the disc that the chain goes through and the disc that connects the catch on the other end are both left over cut outs from copper frames made for "Monetary Bondage".
Last but not least, serendipity runs deep in this piece not only did it come together out of what I had built over time with no real purpose, but it has al sorts of added bonuses. It makes a very appealing jingly rattle when shaken or moved around and...  

It makes all sorts of sound and looks really sweet when spun around . 
 Well I guess that does it for now. I hope you all liked my new piece "Talisman" as much as I do and hopefully by the time I make my next post I will have all the "13 Skulls" wrapped up. we shall see. . .

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